Crossmen, 2014.


Crossmen, 2014.

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DCI at Atlanta 2014
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Can you give us a life update? I dont really see you on my dash anymore with personal posts


I graduated HS in May, thought I was going to end up at csuf, but couldn’t afford dorms. instead, I go to rio hondo college as a mathematics major, all my classes are online, so I applied for a lot of jobs. 

I just got my first job at a tutoring center in Arcadia, 2 PM - 6 PM. today, I was contacted by another client in Arcadia as a private tutor in the mornings, just math. & I just got a reply from chipotle for an interview. I want to work a lot. it’s also really cool that all my jobs are in Arcadia if it works out. 

I’ll be able to do corps and not have to worry about money or losing my job in the summer. I’m really excited. c:

oh, I’m doing OC until my college text book gets here, then I’m going to do all the work and not worry about philosophy 101. my other classes don’t start until october. 

I’m not bummed about csuf anymore, mostly because I have a job and do a lot of things on my own now. I’m really happy that I actually do what I preach you know? one of my biggest pet peeves is someone who doesn’t do anything with their life after HS, especially ones that complain about money. I’m glad I’m going to be able to hold my own weight and be an adult. I’m still babied as fuck by my parents, but it’s not so bad. 

just need to find time to practice marching and my instrument and I’ll be good for the 2015 auditions. :) 

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Uniforms through the Years: The Cadets

photo credit: corpsreps / website

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here’s a picture of a puppy nicknamed marshmallow because I got a job guys!! C:

here’s a picture of a puppy nicknamed marshmallow because I got a job guys!! C:

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